Meet Roger

About Dr. McFillin

I am a Clinical Psychologist, writer, speaker, podcaster, and Executive Director of the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health in Bethlehem, PA. After two decades in the field, I am utterly disillusioned by the American mental health care system. I admit, for a time period I bought into the illusion of “best available evidence”. I even co-authored a book Speciality Competencies in Clinical Psychology (2013), published by Oxford University Press, reporting the best evidence. Over the course of my 20 year career, I have made contributions to the field by co-authoring book chapters on the assessment & treatment of eating disorders and published research on coping deficits within adolescent females struggling with life threatening eating disorders. I specialize in the treatment of adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post traumatic stress (PTSD), self injury and suicidal behaviors.

Despite being formally trained in evidence-based treatments and achieving Board Certification in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychologists, I have witnessed countless individuals deteriorate under these supposedly “best available evidence” recommendations. Many who turned to drugs and medical interventions to improve their mental health worsened dramatically. I had to resolve the conflict between what I was seeing in clinical practice and what was told to me as safe and effective.  It is nothing short of heartbreaking to see young people being coerced into swallowing multiple psychiatric drugs to navigate the challenges of normal development. The aftermath of these reckless prescriptions has left me horrified, witnessing the excruciating withdrawal experiences that occur when doctors prescribe outside the boundaries of safety.

Driven by my despair, I immersed myself in scientific literature, delved into ancient philosophy, and scrutinized historical texts. The revelations were astounding. Much of the current scientific base that informs psychiatry and the mental health field is infected with corruption and bias. The insidious alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and the United States medical establishment has shamelessly medicalized the entirety of the human experience solely for the sake of pushing drugs. And what have we reaped as a result? Soaring rates of suicide, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and a pervasive state of mental distress. We have been indoctrinated with a distorted view of our own humanity, leaving us utterly confused about how to navigate the emotional pain of existence and cultivate lives of true value and purpose. Now I speak out.

I have taken to social media, establishing a an unapologetically provocative online presence and podcast focusing on scientific, social, cultural and political forces influencing the downfall of Western Culture. I’ve been quoted in Time Magazine, national media outlets and some of the most popular International podcasts. The Radically Genuine Podcast has propelled itself to the top of the Apple charts on multiple occasions. There is a global awakening occurring.

It is time to reclaim our understanding of what it truly means to be human, liberate ourselves from the clutches of a broken system, and forge a path toward genuine healing and fulfillment. Join me in this fight for a better future.