Fostering Growth

Coaching & Consultation Services

As a coach & consultant, I work with a select number of clients who are interested in entering into a more flexible, active & dynamic partnership to learn new skills, improve performance, break old life patterns, improve relationships, overcome challenges, or simply receive professional advice.


Don’t fall into the trap of believing that psychotherapy or prescription drugs are the only answers to your mental health, motivation, performance, or relationship struggles. Coaching offers a flexible and dynamic approach to enhance your quality of life through direct behavioral change, support, and professional guidance.

We cannot oversimplify our overall health and well-being with a mere diagnosis and a pill. Coaching acknowledges the complexity of our experiences and provides an opportunity to break free from old patterns. If you’re interested in learning from others who have overcome similar challenges, developing new skills, or seeking professional guidance and support, schedule an initial meeting to explore the possibilities of coaching.

Parent Consultation/Coaching

Parenting in the modern world has become increasingly complex, presenting unique challenges that we’ve never encountered before. In the past decade alone, we have witnessed a concerning decline in the mental health and overall well-being of children and teenagers. Factors such as smartphone dependence, social media exposure, prevalent drug culture, and other cultural trends have severely undermined resilience and capabilities, leaving parents and caregivers facing unprecedented difficulties.

As an experienced professional, I am here to support you through these challenges. Together, we will work on clarifying your values and understanding essential behavioral principles that can be applied to even the most challenging situations. Whether you are seeking advice, looking to distinguish between typical adolescent behavior and concerning patterns, questioning the necessity of psychiatric drugs recommended by a doctor, or simply desiring more information, I am here to provide guidance.

General Professional Consultation

For those seeking professional advice and direction, I am available for email, text, phone, or video chat. I do require an initial face-to-face meeting to learn more about you and your consult needs.

Professional Workshops or Presentations

Dr. McFillin is available for workshops or professional presentations on various topics within his areas of expertise.


Our standard rate is $250/hour.

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